Clicker Basic Training - 6 Weeks (between 6 and 11 hours)

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Thanks to Covid, we can now come straight to your home to give you an individual, one-on-one clicker course.

What will I achieve with clicker training?  You can teach your dog everything from simple obedience commands, like "sit", to more complicated, but exciting tricks like "bang-your-dead".  After completing the Clicker Basic Training, you could address behavior issues like "aggression towards other dogs" and "resource guarding" by using the clicker as a tool.

What is clicker training?  Clicker training is based on Ivan Pavlov studies on the digestion system and the action of the salivary glands.  He then discovered classical conditioning learning. He would measure how much dogs would salivate when eating food, but then discovered that they would salivate before starting to eat the food. He discovered that the dogs started associating the food bowls and the lab assistants with the actual food and would start drooling when they knew the food was soon to follow. 

He then added metronomes, lights and bells before presenting the food, and guess what, the dogs started drooling.

The metronome, light or bell in clicker training, is the clicker. 

We use it as a communicator to make it easy for the dog to understand what action he/she is being rewarded for.