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The Logo and Crest
Proudly Boxer Brew Coffee.  Same a our Boxer dog, we are also Devoted, Fearless, Friendly, Energetic and Loyal.  Our aim is to provide top quality coffees at reasonable prices and to share our love of coffee.

We do not have a "Breakfast blend" or a "Mocha Java".  we will always tell you exactly where our coffee is from. 

Our coffees are 100% Arabica.  This though, is like saying a juice is pure apple.  Sometimes you do not know if it is Golden Delicious or Granny Smith.  Where the coffee is known to be of a specific variety, we will show it here. 

Processing the coffee "pip" from the cherry can be done in mainly three ways.  Each lead to specific characteristics in the coffee. 
* If you dry the whole cherry before removing the fruit from the coffee bean, it is called natural or dry process.  It leads to a fruity sweet coffee with interesting characteristics.
* If you crush the cherry but leave the fruit mucilage on the bean, it is called honey process due to the stickiness this causes.  Coffee will be less sweet and "funky than natural process, but with a more rounded acidity than washed.
* If you not only crush the cherry to remove it from the cherry, but also wash it before drying, it is called the washed process.  This process leads to a crisp acidity and exposes the true character of the bean like no other process.
There are other processes where producers experiment with anaerobic fermentation and more, but the main 3 processes remain washed, Honey or natural process.

Tasting notes:
This is what expert Q-graders tasted in the coffee during cupping.  Try and taste the same.  Look for more info on cupping on the website

Roast level:
A light to medium roast present the fruit characteristic whereas darker roast hide the fruit and present more roast characteristics.  For this reason we do not do very dark type roasts such as French roast. Medium plus would be out darkest roasts.