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Our Boston Terrier is healthier than ever since we put him on Raw Gold, not to mention he really loves dinner time! Online ordering and prompt delivery also ensures our Spock always has his supper on time.

Colin Viljoen

Thank you so much for helping me keep my Toy-Pom Mufasa healthy during Covid-19 lock-down. One less thing to stress about.

Elrene van Staden

The Raw Gold Products are awesome my Rottweiler has not been feeling great for a couple of weeks and a friend recommended the product. I was skeptical but went ahead and ordered.I am over the moon that I did, there had been such a turnaround in my Tyson. I have ordered again and my dog just keeps on improving everyday. Thank you so much Andri for supplying such a wonderful product.

Angela Gossayn

I can’t tell you how much my 4 Huskies love your Hypo-allergenic Rabbit meals, sardines, ribletts and lung chews.They just go crazy for it. And that’s just the food! The service is amazing and I know I can rely on Canoodle to always give me expert advice, amazing service and quality product. Reliability is very important to me and I know I can always rely on Canoodle.

Nicky Jansen van Vuuren

A huge thank you from us and our Danes for the fantastic Raw Gold food and top draw service. 

As pet parents that have fed raw for a number of years now, we have never found a better quality raw food mix. Our boys get so excited and us too, thanks to the pleasant smell and quality non-leak packaging.  Pet parents would be barking mad not to support Canoodle and may you keep growing to Great Dane proportions.

Juan van Schalkwyk

My dogs really struggled with allergies on dry dog food, had to change continuously and cost me a fortune. After my dogs have been on raw, their condition improved tremendously and allergies are something of the past. Shiny coats and high energy was only of the few improvements I've seen in my two dogs, Mila and Paddington.

Evan Hanekom

Fantastic product! Loved by all my animals.Professional service. I highly recommend Andri and her products.


Raw Gold has been an absolute life saver. Duke suffered from terrible skin issues for 5 years until we moved him over onto a Raw Gold. His skin cleared up and we have been free of any skin issues for 5 years now. People can't believe that he is 10 years old, he is full of energy, fit and healthy all thanks to a great diet. Andri is very helpful and provides a great service with prompt delivery. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Karen Opie

After trying everything from antihistamines,allergy specific shampoo and fish based pellet food. I have not had any luck with my old Jack Russell's itchy skin. I heard about raw feeding and it's benefits and immediately placed my order with Andri for Raw Gold. It's been 3 weeks and I'm happy to say that I've finally found a solution. My dog is no longer itchy and her hair has even grown back. She loves the Raw Gold and even seems to have more of an appetite. I have now moved all my dogs onto Raw Gold and I've already noticed the improvement in energy and their coats! Highly recommend!

Laura Artman